Belgian waffles in the Atomium, Brussles.

On a recent trip to Brussels we stuffed our faces with some of the local specialities including chips, waffles and chocolate. This was a perfect diet for us for the weekend. The street waffles are cheap, sweet and decedent. The tastiest dessert we ate was this waffle, served with berries, chocolate sauce and ice cream, presented on a slate.


Device Model Canon EOS 600D DIGITAL
Focal Length 20mm
f-stop 5
Exposure time 1/250s
ISO 200

The location of the waffles was probably the most interesting thing about it. We dined at the top of a 102m structure named the Atomium. The Atomium is a leftover building from Expo ’58 in the shape of an iron structure. The balls are rooms and the connectors are stairs and escalators. The structure is filled with information and exhibits with a restaurant on top.


Device Model Canon EOS 600D DIGITAL
Focal Length 24mm
f-stop 5.6
Exposure time 1/1600s
ISO 200