A hidden gem in North London – Café Also

I have driven past this café in Temple Fortune countless number of times and never even had the curiosity to try it. It’s so unimposing that it’s hard to believe that these beautiful dishes were hidden away inside. The high street is quiet and this place was practically dead on a Saturday night. I feel it’s my duty to spread the word of this incredible food!

The café doesn’t really deserve to be called a cafe, it’s one of the fanciest meals I’ve ever eaten. Don’t be put off by the simple wooden tables and rustic bookcases lining the walls. The food is all vegetarian and fish, catering to the local “kosher style” punters who won’t be short of things to eat which suit their dietary requirements.

I was fortunate to dine with friends who allowed me to taste their food and to wait patiently while I photographed their dinner.

Lentil Soup with spicy softie, cumin & tomato

Lentil Soup with spicy kofte, cumin & tomato

All dishes were rich with interesting combinations of flavours and textures. This elegantly placed kofte was a perfect accompaniment to the creamy soup.

Grilled goat's cheese and artichoke salad

Grilled goat’s cheese and artichoke salad

The goat’s alone cheese had a number of different textures. A gooey centre and a top that was burnt into a beautiful cheese crisp. Perfectly matched with artichoke hearts.

Salmon tandoori, pressed potatoes & chard

Salmon tandoori, pressed potatoes & chard

An interesting combination of Indian and English flavours, This dish tasted delicious with flavoursome salmon and English vegetables.

Smoked haddock with buttered leeks & packed egg

Smoked haddock with buttered leeks & poached egg

This spectacularly arranged plate was rich and creamy – actually a little too creamy to finish. The soft buttered leeks tasted fantastic with the fish, the creamy sauce and the soft poached egg.

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse

Seeing “chocolate mousse” on the menu, I should have known to presumed beauty, but this exceeded my expectations. This chocolate tube, filled with white chocolate mousse, decorated with chocolate truffles, strawberries and physalis.

Bread and butter pudding

Bread and butter pudding

I enjoyed eating these small mouthfuls of soft creamy bread and butter pudding. Accompanied by ice cream and what can only be described as posh candy floss!


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