The Grain Store, King’s Cross

Since the New King’s Cross station has opened, the whole area around it has transformed. There is an abundance of public space to meet friends or just sit and watch the world go by.

Granary Square is located just behind the station with copious of water jet fountains amongst the paving stones. Hoards of children can be found here on a weekend running through the fountains – Poor parents taking their soaking wet children home on the train.

The square often hosts pop up eateries for the KERB food festival. Here I chose one of its permanent restaurants called The Grain Store.

The Grain Store believes that the vegetables are the star of any meal. They are not a vegetarian restaurant but it was a great place to dine with non meat-eating friends as the options are so exciting.

Vegi Scotch Egg

Vegi Scotch Egg

Device Model Canon EOS 600D DIGITAL
Focal Length 50mm
f-stop 1.8
Exposure time 1/50s
ISO 400

Being a non pig eater, I have never eaten a sctoch egg. I was very excited to try this vegi version using a lentil mix to surround the egg. Though I’m sure it’s very different from the original, it was perfectly cooked with a runny yoke and was incredibly tasty.

Omelette with rocket and broad beans and courgettes

Omelette with rocket and broad beans and courgettes

Device Model Canon EOS 600D DIGITAL
Focal Length 50mm
f-stop 1.8
Exposure time 1/50s
ISO 400

This omelette was teaming with fresh vegetables. Not the tastiest I’ve ever had but a really exciting idea.

I would really recommend The Grain Store to anyone who is interested in trying new food combinations. We went for brunch but I’m excited to go again for their lunch or dinner menu.